Blog Roll and Websites

Below are some of the blogs and websites I check out regularly.

How Sweet It Is –  Because she’s funny, makes awesome food, and is a lot like me (I am a 90’s child with a Lisa Frank obsession and LOVE vinegar. If I have a clone, it’s her.)

The Mary Sue – Pretty much covers anything a geek would want to read and helps me discover new movies, books, games, comics, etc. that I might like.

The Beauty Department – It’s for the girly girl in me. Free make-up and hair tutorials, with really nice step by step photos.

The Small Things Blog – She has really good style and great tutorials.

Eat, Live, Run – For the good reads and the good recipes.

Runners Rambles – She is a much more hard-core runner than me (probably more than I’ll ever be). But this blog has great running advice and I find it inspiring.

Fitnessista – I like a lot about this blog. She’s a personal trainer so the workout advice is great. I like the  mix of topics on her blog -family, parenting, fashion, health, food, and exercise.


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